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Rank the Coast’s PPC Package


Consultation and Analysis

Our internet marketing professionals will meet with your business to get a full understanding of your internet marketing needs and goals. We will audit any current ads that your business is running for effectiveness and efficiency. As part of the PPC audit, we will complete a market analysis of your industry, including search terms and search volumes. We will also research efforts by local competitors with higher ad positioning.


Custom Ads

After researching search terms and volumes for your industry, we will create high performance custom ads that will generate qualified leads and convert business. Our services can include a landing page if needed to convert leads. We will use the competitor analysis, as well as strategic bidding, to rank your ad above other ads for the same keywords to make certain that your ad is seen and maintains prominent position.


Tracking and Analytics

Once your ads are up and running, we will track and analyze the functionality of the ads and your return on investment. Our tools will allow us to track your average ad position, click-through rate, cost-per-click, leads, calls and sales. Our PPC marketing professionals can provide reports that attribute revenue to each paid campaign and detail the impact the ads have had for your business in terms of both traffic and revenue.


Campaign Management

Based on the reports generated from tracking and analysis, our PPC marketing team will then manage and tweak bids for each campaign to maximize results. We will monitor relevant keyword searches, average position, click-through rate and cost-per-click and adjust the campaign accordingly. Your dedicated support specialist will regularly monitor the campaign to insure full optimization and regularly report the results.

How PPC Works to Build Business

The premise of a paid ad is that advertisers bid on placement on a search engine’s sponsored link area. Usually, the very top of a search engine result page have paid ads. When setting up a PPC campaign, an advertiser selects keywords or queries he or she wishes to bid on; that keyword or query is then entered into the ad “auction” with a maximum bid and the associated advertisement. The maximum bid is set by the advertiser, while the quality score is a number determined by Google based on keyword relevance and landing page quality. Google will multiply the maximum bid by the quality score, and the ad with the highest numerical answer will rank highest. This is beneficial because it means you do not necessarily have to be the highest bidder to receive premier placement.

Just like organic search engine results.

The higher the placement of the ad, the more traffic and leads it is likely to generate. Every time the ad is clicked on, the advertiser will pay for the click; the amount per click is dependent upon the industry and keyword search volume. Each campaign allows a budget to be set; the ad will turn off once that budget is met to guarantee that an advertiser does not spend above budget. A well-run PPC marketing campaign can yield high return on investment for you. Through paid ads, an advertiser is placed directly in the eyes of a searcher that is actively seeking a product or service; it is therefore a quick and efficient way to gain website traffic and leads. This in turn can result in new customers a more profitable bottom line. Rank the Coast’s professionally developed and maintained PPC marketing professionals have the ability to turn your couple of dollars into hundreds or thousands through a well-developed paid advertisement campaign.

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