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Steps to Build a Reputable Brand


What We Need From You...

While our brand developers will be more than happy to assist with all facets of brand development, you know the true heart of your desired business best.


What type of business will it be?

This answer is the easiest to figure out. But while you may know what goods or services you plan to provide, it is important to figure out how will you stand out from a saturated business market. Figure out at least ten reasons why a consumer should choose your business; this will help you develop a business strategy moving forward.


Who is your target audience?

It is a big mistake to start a business and try to target everyone. “Everyone” is an impossible group to target as different people have different goals, interests and needs. The most profitable businesses have a clearly defined target consumer. You can focus on a physical area, gender, age group, interest group or another common denominator.


Does your brand have a message?

A brand’s message is a way to connect your goals to the goals of a target consumer, a potential employee, interested business opportunity or the general public. A strong, clear and relatable message will allow the public to identify and trust your business. Brand messaging on its own can help convert prospective consumers into customers.

Have you decided on a name or tagline?

The names and tagline of your business is an easy and effective way to get your brand’s message across. An original, easy to remember and clever name that ties back to your brand and industry will be the most effective to create new business. People tend to continue to do business with brands they remember; a name can be memorable!

What You Can Expect From Us

A creative and well-designed logo is a method to bring your brand, the name and the tagline to life. Our digital designers will create a logo that fits with your brand, name, message and target client range. A website is the face of your business online. It is important to create a good first impression with a well developed site. Our professional web designers will design and develop a custom website for your brand. Once your website is launched, it is important to develop a strategy to market the site. Rank the Coast’s internet marketing campaigns include SEO, social media marketing, content marketing and more. After a marketing strategy is launched, our internet marketing specialists will continue to track and analyze your account for lead generation, conversion and sales figures, and tweak the campaigns accordingly.

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