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Types of Content Creation Offered by Rank the Coast


Website Content

Website content is crucial to the success of an internet marketing campaign for a number of reasons. It is important to provide consumers with website content that is significantly informative, yet interesting enough to keep the attention. It is also important to incorporate keywords related to your industry that have large search volumes, as this will increase organic search engine ranks. Search engines will only deem your website worthy of impactful placement if your content is relevant, well-structured, on the lengthier side and of course, has proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.



Blogs are designed to provide information about a product, service or inquiry. While blogs typically do not promote a business in a traditional way, this form of content marketing is extremely beneficial as it entices those interested in the topic to visit your site. A blog post on a business’ website not only helps inform the consumer but shows off a business’ knowledge and personality in a relatable way. Blog content will leave a positive image of your business in the reader’s mind and increase the likelihood that he or she will choose your company to engage in business with.


Visual Content

Not all content is written words, and in fact, photographs, infographics and other visual content more commonly draws in a reader than written text; this causes an increase in leads and sales. Visual content on websites, in brochures or on proposals will help the consumer understand your business or industry and quickly convert leads. In addition, the addition of videos to your website, landing page or promotional material will allow a consumer to get to know you and your business, making the shopping experience more personal. A personal touch is always more likely to convert a lead than one that feels distant or cold.



Newsletters and other methods of direct marketing at targeted customers or potential customers can be tremendously effective in converting and maintaining leads and clients. Newsletter marketing is a marketing method that involves sending out information on a brand to interested parties. A newsletter is a clever method to educate consumers on an industry and business, without the consumer feelings as they have been ambushed with a sales pitch. They can contain a range of content including sales information, industry information, statistics and articles. It is an effective and non-pushy way to convert a lead.

The Content Marketing Process

When you consult us, we will run a complete audit on your current marketing strategy and we will discuss the results of that audit and a strategy to move forward. Once we receive your approval of the plan, our professional content writers will draft the appropriate content to execute the plan on a monthly basis.
All content will be sent to you for approval before it is published. Our web team will publish the content on your website and elsewhere, where appropriate. This content creation and marketing process will help generate leads and build business.

Why Choose Content Marketing for a Business

Content Marketing is a crucial aspect of an internet marketing campaign if you are looking to take your business to the next level. Content creation builds brand awareness by significantly increasing traffic to your website and qualified inbound leads. The more relevant and informative content you release, the more trust consumers will have that you are an authority in your industry. When you release content to the public, it is quite often that content is shared on a readers social media, increasing its visibility. The more content and relevant keywords that are included in your site, the more relevant the search engines will view your site, improving ranks. It is usually quite clear which topic, service or product the content pertains to; this helps attract only those people who are interested in your industry and ready to buy. If your website is known to release good content, people will continuously return to the site for more. This increases traffic and the likelihood of business.

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How SEO Helps Charleston Businesses 

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways for a business to get found online. SEO focuses on marketing your website and business to appear on Google's search engine results page (SERP). Whether a company is located in the Charleston, South Carolina area or another state, it's essential to make sure it is at the top for local search results. Rank The Coast will help your website and content rank higher in search results, which leads to a steady stream of new visitors and more qualified leads.