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Web Design in Charleston

Increase business with a custom website that will both inform and attract consumers to your business.

A modern, professional and aesthetically pleasing website is crucial for online business growth and success. Regardless of what type of business you run, a well-developed website can increase your customers intent to buy. An overwhelmingly large majority of people look online for business recommendations and are much more likely to choose a business with an easy to navigate, professional and informative website. A business’ website is the first impression a potential consumer has of a business. An out-of-date, difficult to use or poorly structured website will likely turn away that potential consumer, regardless of the quality of your product or services. Our Charleston web design company is dedicated to designing and developing high quality and lead-converting custom websites for local and national businesses. Rank the Coast will allow your business to truly shine online with a well-structured, thought out and informative website, accessible from any device.

The Web Design and Development Approach

To build a successful website to convert leads into business requires carefully thought out steps, creative thinking and an innovative approach.

Information Gathering Consultation

To build a website that truly represents a company, we believe that it is important to really understand the company and the business’ goals. This entails an overview of what the company does, along with an understanding of company culture and vision. The Charleston web designers of Rank the Coast will work with you to get a complete understanding of your marketing goals and website vision to ensure that our final product is your ideal website.

Planning and Research

Planning is the key to successfully designing and developing a website. Using the information you provided us from our consultation, our expert designers and developers will begin to execute a sitemap, design plan and strategy. We will do industry specific research to ensure that we have a true understanding of your industry and needs, and have planned for inclusion of all information. We will consult you with any final pre-design decisions that need to be made.

Mockup and Design

Rank the Coast’s web designers will begin the design process and provide you with a homepage mockup of the design for your approval. Our digital mockup will allow you to review the design elements and comment on changes or additions you would like to see in a final design. Once you have approved the homepage mockup, our professional web designers in South Carolina will complete the design of the remainder of the pages and send to you for final approval.

Website Development

At this stage we turn the approved design into a fully functioning and interactive website. Our Charleston web developers will code the website to look identical to the design; our development also allows for easy modifications, additions and more. Prior to launching the website, we will run tests to make sure check-outs, live chats, contact forms or other business-building programs run smoothly. Upon your final approval, we will launch your brand new website.

SEO-Ready Web Design Plan

A new website does little good if it cannot be found on internet search engines.

A new, modern and professional website is only the first step to a productive and successful internet marketing campaign. At Rank the Coast, we are a full service internet marketing company in South Carolina that desires to set up our clients to succeed in business online. From the design and development of the website through the maintenance phase, our professionals are available to make content suggestions or write original content that will promote higher online ranks. Our websites can be viewed from any device - desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones - to help convert leads from all sources. Included in every website that we design and develop are backend plugins that promote SEO efforts.

We will make sure your website is connected to Google Analytics so that you can easily track your site’s traffic and productivity. Upon launch of the website, we will immediately submit it to be indexed in Google (the process of adding web pages to Google). Google will then crawl your website and determine where in its rank your site belongs. With the content development done during the design and development phases and with SEO-minded development strategies in place, your website will undoubtedly appear in a favorable starting point in the search engine ranks. We believe in approaching internet marketing in its entirety so that your business meets its true online potential quickly and seamlessly.

Additional Website Services

Once a website is completed, Rank the Coast offers website maintenance so that your site stays up-to-date. Our website maintenance services in South Carolina are designed to keep your online marketing efforts running flawlessly through upgrades, fixes and changes.

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Website Upgrades and Fixes

Website maintenance most co monly requires that errors, broken links or browser incompatibilities be fixed or that plugins be updated. These tasks will insure that your website continues to rank well and have a valuable user-experience.

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Content or Image Changes

Content and website images can become outdated or irrelevant over the course of time. Content or images that appear on static pages, such as the Homepage, About Us page or a Services page may require periodic maintenance.

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Additional Page Development

Over time, it is common for businesses to change or evolve. These changes to your business may require that additional pages be added to your website. (An example would be a new service that your business offers.)

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Blog Development

A well-developed blog is a terrific way to build content on your website (which helps in other online marketing efforts). In addition, because blogs typically answer relevant questions or concerns, they are a valuable way to gain new customers.

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Website Analytics

Crucial to a successful website maintenance or search engine optimization plan is an analysis of site traffic, bounce rates, traffic sources and other analytics that will help you understand where your business is coming from and which leads are converting.

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Speed Optimization

For both the benefit of the user and your business, it is important that the pages on your website are optimized for speed. Slower websites tend to have higher bounce rates, meaning that those consumers have gone elsewhere for the service or product.

Website Design Case Studies

Read our case studies to see how we use web design and development to help clients grow their businesses.

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