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Social Media

Promote your business and drive traffic to your site through social media marketing.

Social media platforms present a unique and beneficial opportunity to market your business to target consumers. Approximately eighty percent of people maintain at least one social media account, and over one billion people login to social media each day. While social media may have began as a way to connect with friends and get a glimpse into the lives of celebrities, it has now expanded to a truly beneficial marketing platform; people are much more likely to purchase goods or services from a company they follow on social media.

Rank the Coast, a social media marketing company.

Rank The Coast optimizes business’ social media platforms to gain followers, create relevant and interesting social media posts and create and manage social media advertisements to reel in targeted consumers. Social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular as sources to search for goods or services. In addition, even when an individual uses Google for a business recommendation, it is very likely that the individual will also check the business’ social media accounts to verify information, learn more about the company and read user-feedback. An aggressive social media marketing campaign will help your business gain recognition, trust and followers, which will ultimately lead to more qualified leads and business.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media encompasses many different platforms and sites. Marketing on social media can include both posts to the platform and paid advertisements.

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Facebook is an incredibly beneficial platform to market a business. By regularly posting status updates with creative and helpful information, photos and links to a website or blog post, a business can build a solid online reputation and gain customers for your business.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Instagram marketing is a quick and effective method of promoting a business’ goods or services to over 700 million monthly users. Instagram allows a business to build brand awareness and promote its services in an authentic and likeable way.

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Expanding an internet marketing campaign to include marketing on LinkedIn is a way to promote your brand to a community of other professionals. A company LinkedIn page helps establish the professionalism of the company and garner interest in the brand.

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It is estimated that one-third of all time spent online is spent watching videos. YouTube, with over one billion users and over three billion hours of video watched per month, has become the second largest search engine. YouTube marketing is a unique way for marketers to promote business.


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Snapchat has become a branch of social media marketing that has yielded tremendous results. Snapchat is an authentic, behind-the-scenes way that a business can reach new audiences of younger populations with relevant and entertaining promotional photos and videos.


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Pinterest can help promote a business and increase sales with a strategic Pinterest marketing strategy. Each engaging pin is worth nearly one dollar in sales for a company. Most Pinterest users re-Pin products posted by a business, which will easily increase advertising and company recognition.


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Twitter is an effective and easy method to market a product or service to all demographics. Using Twitter to build followers and generate leads requires a strategic Twitter marketing campaign that will engage your target audience and allow you to interact with them,to build trust and interest.


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When internet users Google suggestions for products or services, Yelp is almost always one of the sites that appears at the top of the results. If your business is featured on Yelp, especially in addition to organic SEO rankings, consumers will view your business as legitimate.

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Google +

Google+ is almost always one of the sites that appears at the top of the results when internet users Google. If your business is featured on Google+, especially in addition to organic SEO rankings, consumers will view your business as legitimate, converting more leads.


How Social Media Marketing and SEO Intertwine
While social media marketing and SEO are two distinct areas of internet marketing, but efforts in each marketing technique help to build the effectiveness of the other.

SEO and social media marketing are two of the most common additions to successful internet marketing efforts. And while each is distinct, with its own benefits and nuances, the two marketing techniques are uniquely intertwined. By running both an SEO and social media marketing campaign, the benefits and improvements in each will help boost the other. This allows a business that garners organic traffic and traffic through social media platforms to vastly increase traffic to the website, qualified leads and business.

Sharing on social media drives traffic to a website. When a business creates an informative and interesting social media account, the posts from that account will encourage users to leave the social media account and view the business’ website. Those links from the social media account to the official website promote content, drive traffic and help build a strong backlink profile. Social media engagement builds trust and brand recognition and gain and maintain customers, all while helping improve organic ranks.

Another benefit is that social media sites themselves will rank in search engines. When a business name is searched via a search engine, it is likely that the official website, along with any social media sites the business uses will appear. When a business is able to rank its website and its social media pages, that business will take up valuable space atop search engines; this will push competitors’ pages further down on a search engine listing and further promote your business.

How to Practically Market Through Social Media
Social media marketing can take different forms, including organic marketing through content creation and social media paid advertisements.


Social Media Content Marketing

Internet marketing relies on the creation of unique, informative and thought-provoking content. Through social media posts you can keep customers up-to-date with products and services; provide lessons or information on related topics or product use; answer customer questions real time; and build conversation around your brand. Relevant and clever content on social media helps build brand trust, qualified leads and a bigger business.


Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media is a paid way to promote your business by placing it right in the eyes of a consumer that is already interested in the product or service that you offer. Social media ads can be used to target certain demographics that your business wants to target. Ads also populate based on a social media user’s past internet usage and searches so that your ad will appear if you offer something similar to what the user historically has searched for.


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